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Bit of a recap of 2011 before I forget how great my last year has been.

all seasons in one day

According to the countdown app I've had going for about 30 weeks now, there is currently 1 week, 2 days, 20 hours, 49 minutes and 9 seconds left for me in Sydney until I fly off. So, I thought I might begin this travel blog to recount my last year in Australia as something of a memoir to look back on.

Yesterday I had a going away party/Australia Day shindig at my parents house in Sylvania. We figured that, as we would be spending Straya Day in the shire, we may as well get completely bogan...


The goon sangria was actually surprisingly good and everyone got pretty jolly, of course with Shane playing Khe Sahn about fifty times (in a row). I'm gonna miss everyone but I have a feeling time will fly so I'm not very worried at all.

What else is there to recap on from my last year in Sydney?

Not a lot happened before July that I can remember as I wasn't 18, basically just starting uni and going to parties and working four jobs (swim teaching, tutoring, cafe and call centre). In July I had a rockin' 18th - Harry Potter themed (obviously) with a potions table and groovy cake and a surprise magician!


A week or two later I moved out of home to Ultimo, just at the end of the Devonshire tunnel at central, into UTS housing Yura building. I got pretty lucky with flatmates - Tasty the soon-to-be high roller from Wollongong, Locky the country bumpkin with a surprisingly good taste in music and super cute girlfriend Lowana, Morgaine who works at Jacksons and seems to like Nepal, Rhino the super clean Indonesian student and of course the one I hate most - sexy French gal Juliette.

I went to Splendour in the Grass as well up at Woodfordia, it was pretty cool - really liked Seeker Lover Keeper, Friendly Fires and Architecture in Helsinki's sets. Also met Kyle in Brisbane who then came and hung out with me in Sydney a few weeks later which was pretty cool. Hopefully I'll see him in Vancouver some time this year.

Life goes on, blah blah uni work blah, working 8am on Saturday and Sunday and Birrong Pool (the most feral place on earth) but it was a pretty good job and kept me out of trouble..mostly. I'm sure fun stuff happened I just can't remember it right now.

In our mid-semester break, Juliette and I went on a road trip! We loaded up the mitsubishi Magna (the backseat of which became our wardrobe) and ended up in Byron. First night we stayed at Newcastle, where we went out to Kings Street Hotel (I think) - it was feral and hilarious and we met some funny Estonian dude. There were also some cool people in our hostel - including some shy Canadian guy who refused to drink ever and ended up seeing us again in Byron. A few things happened but nothing too exciting - it was pretty dead as a city.
The next day we drove up to Coffs Harbour, stopping on the way at Hallidays Point and having lunch with Rachel and Tim. At Coffs Harbour we didn't do too much the first night, just got some cider and went for a walk to the beach. The next day we went to the Big Banana! We went ice skating and saw candy being made and did tabogganing too. That night at the hostel was a bit of a 'Spanish feast' where a beautiful Moroccan girl (who was actually really cool) made everyone nachos and paella - first time I've tried it! There was also a lot of Sangria which was pretty good. We went for a walk to get ice cream after and found a lost dog who followed us into Cold Rock haha, luckily a nice family offered to take him to the vet. We named him Bruce I think.
On our way up to Byron we stopped off at Woolgoolga to have breakfast which was beautiful, and got in to Byron by the afternoon, where I showed Juliette around a bit and she bought me a cocktail (yum Lychee) for not killing her with my driving. We spent the next few days looking around and Celia and Max and a few others from housing were up there too, so we went out a bit. I was feeling pretty crappy so I didn't do that much in Byron but it was good that Juliette had other friends there to keep her entertained! We mainly just spent the few days relaxing, reading, drinking, eating, looking around - it was cool.
After a short stay we had a long drive on the Saturday, stopping at Woolgoolga again - but it started raining heavily pretty much as soon as we got there. We drove to Hallidays Point and spent the night there, Juliette got to meet my beautiful little cousins Emily and Samantha, and we just watched Ever After and Never Been Kissed and had a good rest.
We drove back on Sunday, and celebrated the fact that I didn't kill anyone the whole time I was driving! Hoo-rah.


Uni went back and life went on again, just work, uni, going out a bit, work work, and in late November I finished working at the pool and started doing baubles for the Christmas Cart. I had finished tutoring Darius and Paige as well so everything became quite relaxed and nice, though still busy. Juliette's parents, Nicolas and Sophie, came to visit from Paris which was awesome, I can't wait to see them again in June(ish)! Spent Christmas with Elisha and my family, and went to Hallidays for a few days between Christmas and New Year, and then came back to Sydney to spend NYE with Susi at Adam's party. Pretty chilled but nice.

The past few weeks I've mainly just spent sorting out visas (a few hiccups), vaccinations, going up to Hallidays and seeing friends, which has been awesome. I also saw Odd Future at Enmore on Tuesday with Susi (which I am still sore from - busted lip, bloody nose, limp and every muscle in my body still aches), and on Wednesday at Manning with Holly Stu I saw Best Coast, Dune Rats and Sures - who did a crazy cool cover of 'I just can't get you out of my head' by Kylie Minogue! I'm seeing them again at Laneway Festival next Sunday just before I leave. Pretty keen.

And then yesterday was Australia Day! And so here we are.
It seemed pretty lengthy to write but that's a surprisingly concise recount of 2011. It's been fun, Sydney, but I can't wait to get off this continent for a bit.

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